Mid-year doctoral graduation

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Great to attend the mid-year doctoral graduation on Friday and to see Thelma Raman and her proud supervisor marking this important achievement. Thelma’s thesis explored the role of environmental education in secondary schools in Fiji. Congratulations Thelma!

The event had a strong indigenous theme with the academic procession led by some fantastic didgeridoo playing by Ron Murray. An Honorary Doctorate was awarded to Colleen Pearce, Victoria’s Public Advocate. Colleen is a member of the Yuni mob and has had a long career of advocacy for people on the margins of society, including Indigenous Australians, people with disability, those living with mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction and those experiencing homelessness. Colleen told the story of her great grandmother having to fight for the education of her children.

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After accepting their testamur, all graduates were offered a gum leaf and what appeared to be a meaningful conversation with RMIT’s Elders in Residence, N’Ahweet Carolyn Briggs and Bambu Di Kerr.




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