Micro-projects 2018

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I invite all staff to start thinking about one or more micro-projects for 2018. Micro-projects range from small, quick and cheap pilots that might benefit a cohort of students or staff team through to segments of annual projects, the impact of which extends across the school. I encourage you to pair up with others to design, implement and evaluate your micro-project.

Design your micro-project to build on strengths, fix issues or fill gaps. Examples of micro-projects include:

  • piloting a staff well-being initiative
  • organising student orientation
  • trialling a polling tool in your class to improve student learning
  • spending half a day with a colleague in a different part of the school (e.g., VE and HE, HE and professional staff) to better understand what they do
  • designing an induction program for new SoE staff
  • designing, in consultation with staff representatives on RHDRC, an activity to contribute, in some small way, to the research ecology of the School, and/or its relationships to stakeholders
  • analysing an existing data set to better understand the student experience
  • running a staff PD session

I’m open to all suggestions – from sensible to seriously wacky! Do discuss your ideas with your manager and include an outline in your 2018 workplan. Please share your ideas on the google sheet so we can build on good ideas.


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