Mental Wellbeing Survey – results

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Thank you to those who participated in the recent pilot survey of the Mental Wellbeing index. As you know we are the first school at RMIT to participate and I was delighted to see so many of you took the time to engage – we had an impressive completion rate of 60%. 

I am collaborating with the RMIT Wellbeing Team to reflect on the process of administering the survey and to explore the insights we have gained about our school from a staff and student perspective.

I am grateful for your responses and honesty. And I look forward to coming together in the new year to hear about your experience of the survey.

We will hold a session early next year to reflect on both the Mental Wellbeing Index as well as the staff survey, to consider what this means for practical next steps in our school.

What I heard from the surveys is confirmation of a strong commitment from our staff and a collective experience that it’s been a big year. I can hear that you are tired and we need to recharge. Now is the time to rest, restore and rejuvenate. I hope you can take time over the coming weeks to celebrate your accomplishments, to be with loved ones and enjoy your break.

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