Meeting our Adjunct Professors – 2pm, Thursday 26th June

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In this series we will hear from our Adjunct Profs about their work and ways they are interested in connecting with staff across the SoEd in our research and L&T activities.

Introducing our first 2 Adjunct Professors, Ruth Irwin and Susana Gavidia-Payne.

Ruth Irwin
Auckland (BA), Auckland (MA), Glasgow (PhD)

Ruth Irwin has worked on philosophy of education, climate, and social change for 20 years. She engages with Heidegger’s philosophy of technology along with Deleuze and Guattari, Stiegler, feminists such as Haraway, Irigaray, and indigenous philosophy. She wrote Heidegger, Politics and Climate Change in 2008, followed by some edited collections including Philosophy and Climate Change (2010) which is an internal collection of 10 philosophers of education who engaged early with climate change. The Handbook of NZ Education Policy (2010) and Beyond the Free Market (2014) which collected social theorists from across multiple disciplines to begin thinking of a new policy paradigm beyond neoliberalism. She’s interested in theories of embodied subjectivity, the processes of learning, and ecological onto-epistemology on the one hand and economics, history, environment, and epochal change, on the other. Her work on Education, Economics and Social Futures continues with a new book that will come out with Routledge next year. Ruth worked in NZ for a decade, in Fiji as Head of Department of Education, and then Aberdeen as Head of School. She’s currently Adjunct Professor with RMIT and writing a climate action plan for Mosman Council in Sydney.

Susana Gavidia-Payne
B.Psy.(Lima, Perú), M.Sc.(Oregon, US), Ph.D.(Georgia, US)

Dr. Susana Gavidia-Payne has worked with children with developmental disabilities and their families as a researcher, practising psychologist, and early childhood intervention service manager for over 40 years. Prior to her appointment as an Adjunct Associate Professor in RMIT’s School of Education in 2018, she performed teaching and research duties in the School of Health and Medical Sciences. Susana’s research prioritizes critical evidence-based policy and program-related factors that enable and constrain children’s and family development and well-being, particularly in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations who experience disability.  This work has led to collaborations with early childhood intervention community-based services and development of conceptual approaches and methodologies that guide the implementation of evidence-based practices. In her role as a member of the Victorian Children’s Council since 2015, Susana has advised various State Ministers of education, child protection, disability, ageing and health and human services. Susana’s current research is examining families’ and early childhood intervention practitioners’ experiences in the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia.

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