Masterclass series in the MTP

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… a space to share ideas about teacher education and education more generally…
a performance, a provocation, a panel, a presentation, a debate, a Q and A session …

The MTP Program is running a series of Masterclasses to support the development of knowledge and skills in learning and teaching.

This series involves guest speakers, demonstrations, performances, workshops and panels. Some Masterclasses will be presented by MTP teaching staff, some by practicing teachers and others by external experts and consultants. We are lucky to have both the Vice-Chancellor, Martin Bean and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Educator, Belinda Tynan facilitating Masterclasses for us this semester.

Masterclasses are open to MTP staff and RMIT VCE school staff as well as RMIT staff and practicing teachers from our partner schools. This is an exciting new initiative of the MTP program.

The Masterclass program is designed to:

  • open-up student learning experiences, by rethinking course design and delivery
  • widen student learning experiences, by inviting staff from across the school, the university and the sector to contribute to the learning space
  • create shared learning spaces, by involving both student cohorts; primary and secondary
  • foster life-long learning, by involving both pre-service and in-service teachers in this learning space
  • create third space sites for learning via the co-design and construction of learning

Masterclasses will be held on Thursdays, from 4.30 to 6.30 pm Level 5, Building 108, Bourke Street, with some variation to suit individual presenters. The schedule of Semester 1 Masterclasses is available below.

Direct enquiries to

Masterclass Schedule Semester 1


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