Markers needed for Early Childhood

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As you may know our Early Childhood program took on a large number of students this year – a bumper intake! While it’s great news to see this expansion, it has created some challenges in marking some of the final assessments. I have called on a few HE staff who were a fraction underloaded. My thanks to those who have picked up extra marking.

We still require more markers. If you know anyone interested in the following marking, please let Julie Carmel know:

TCHE2195 Ed Settings and Society. There are two tasks, one is a reflection on how an issue that the students chose to focus on impacts centres and children. The other one is an explanatory paper about this issue the students present online via video.
TCHE2365 Theory and Practice: Birth to Two. In this WIL course there is a placement portfolio that includes observations and learning stories and needs to be marked by someone who knows about taking observations and resultant planning.

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