Mandatory use of masks on campus

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Dear colleagues,

As Stage 3 restrictions continue, we’ve been closely monitoring and responding to the latest government and health advice.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is our highest priority. In response to the latest health advice and our own campus assessments, RMIT has updated the advice on the use of masks on campus, which will now be mandatory whenever you are indoors at a RMIT campus or location, from Thursday 16 July.

In the interest of helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, this new directive is regardless of whether physical distancing can be maintained.  

Use of masks on campus

Where risk assessments identify that physical distancing cannot be achieved masks will form part of our COVIDSafe controls for those activities and masks will be provided by RMIT.

Face masks will also be made available daily at all temperature checks points for staff and students, however you are also encouraged to obtain reusable masks for personal use to reduce the environmental impact of single use masks and to reduce the pressure on medical supplies for those services that depend on them.

We recognise that for some activities, face masks may not be suitable (e.g. if you need to wear other personal protective equipment to undertake an activity). If this is the case, please ensure you are practising physical distancing until such time as you can refit a face mask.

Outside of campus, if you live in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire, it is recommended that you wear a cloth mask when leaving home for one of the four essential reasons if it is going to be difficult for you to maintain 1.5 metres between yourself and others. This includes when shopping or travelling on public transport.

Helpful information about masks

If you’d like some helpful hints and tips for wearing a mask, including safely disposing face masks, some useful links are:

  • Website: Department of Health and Human Services
  • Video: Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Dr Brett Sutton discusses wearing masks.

Staying safe on campus

It is very important that if you feel unwell, that you do not attend campus. Instead, we encourage you to seek medical advice and get a COVID test.

If you test positive for COVID-19 and you have been on campus recently, please contact your manager so that we can provide the right support for your situation and ensure your privacy is protected.

Addressing any concerns

Staff are reminded that if a student is unable to attend campus or wishes to continue studying remotely for the remainder of 2020, they will not be penalised for doing so.

We need to reiterate to students that RMIT will support them to complete their practical learning activities, offering the opportunity to undertake any make-up activities at a later date or in a future semester, whenever the student is able to return to campus. If you have concerns about returning to work on campus or don’t fall under one of the exemption categories, we encourage you to contact your manager or HR Assist so we can work directly with you.

More information

For more information about transitioning back to campus, visit WorkLife.

Support services

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – for confidential coaching and support provided by Benestar, call 1300 360 364

Medical Hub @ RMIT – to see a doctor, please call 9999 2778 or book an appointment online:

HR Assist – use the HR Assist portal or call 9925 0600

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