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This update below from the Associate DVC, Education, Sherman Young.

Attendance tracking for on campus classes

Following the direction and advice from the Department of Health and Human Services, we’re asking academics and teachers to record student attendance of on campus classes in the event that we need to provide information for contact tracing. Attendance of all HE classes on campus must be tracked through MyTimetable and all VE classes must be tracked as usual on SAMS within the day of the class. For any technical guidance around attendance tracking, HE staff can contact ITS and VE staff can contact college academic services. 

VPN for easier access to RMIT learning systems for students in China

We know some of our students currently in China sometimes have difficulties with accessing learning materials online. We’ve partnered with Telstra to provide VPN access to students to improve their access to RMIT learning systems like MyDesktop and Canvas.

Students known to be located in China will receive an email in the coming weeks with VPN access information. If a student in your class requires VPN and has not received access, please direct them to submit a request through IT Service and Support Centre. More information and instructions on how to set up the VPN are on the Student VPN page

Please note that the VPN doesn’t work outside of China and access to sites are limited to those essential to student learning. Please contact ITS should you have any questions.

Supporting new students with studying online

We know online learning is a new experience for many of our commencing students this coming semester. As part of the New Students Campaign, RMIT has developed a range of resources to help students prepare for online studies:

  • video in which Martin explains broadly what remote learning will look like
  • orientation page with information on orientation activities that will happen online
  • updated information on the First weeks page and Supports page with links to remote learning services

Scheduled disruptions to MyDesktop access and file storage

There will be intermittent disruptions to MyDesktop and network storage on Saturday 18 July from 8am-8pm. This is due to major works to consolidate and upgrade RMIT’s servers as part of the Data Centre Modernisation program. During this time:

  • there will be no access to the University (K: drive) shared storage
  • Managed File Transfer will be delayed
  • WebLearn will be offline
  • Business Intelligence systems will be available, but the daily data refresh will be halted until the storage changes are completed, data will be as at the day prior
  • Students will be able to access MyDesktop but without access to files and potentially applications

Ensuring student progression

The University is proceeding with transitioning essential practical based activities that cannot be replicated online or done remotely back to campus. However we recognise that some students, due to personal circumstances, may be unable to return to complete essential learning activities required in order to graduate at the end of the year or to progress their studies. Over the next few weeks, we will focus our attention to develop options for these students so that no one is disadvantaged. Stay tuned for details to come. 

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