L&T conference

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Great to spend time with RMIT colleagues over the last few days at the L&T conference. I attended sessions that were stimulating, inspiring and provoking, with great opportunities for networking and collaborating.

It was nice to hear the 1300 book profiled by Belinda Tynon on the first day. Tricia, Cathy Hall and Bel led this publication on the back of last year’s conference with vision and truck loads of hard work, delivering an important ERA output, supporting many first time authors. If you don’t yet have your signed copy, see Tricia! Terrific to see the SoTL stream across the conference led by our staff.

Excellent presentations by Kathy L, Belinda, Tricia, Seth and Alison as well as expert chairing by Kath G and Linda. Al, Richard and I are presenting with our colleague Cathy Brigden from CoB in the final session as is Juliana.

All up – an impressive show from the SoEd.

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