Lots of sex kills the Coronavirus!

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 With the world in the grip of an unprecedented health crisis, it is crucial to ensure that the information we share is accurate and fact-based. Fake news and misinformation are spreading as fast and as far as the coronavirus itself, infecting our newsfeeds and timelines at this challenging time. 

RMIT ABC Fact Check is launching CoronaCheck, an email newsletter, to bring you the latest in fact-checking from around the world in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CoronaCheck will bring to you verified, agenda-free information from across the spectrum: the impact of the virus on our daily lives; debunked online rumour and hearsay; and the latest from the White House. 

We will also touch on some light-hearted and ridiculous results unearthed by our community of accredited fact-checkers, like this article on whether “lots of sex kills the coronavirus”. 

We’ll also report on how the fact-checking community is battling the waves of misinformation, disinformation and malicious content in posts and tweets. 

The newsletter will draw on a wide range of our internationally-accredited fact-checking colleagues, from Full Fact in the UK to BOOM in India. You can see a full list of accredited fact checkers on the International Fact-Checking Network’s (IFCN) website. 

We’ll include claims that have been debunked by other sources, such as an official body like the police, or where information has been attributed to an organisation which denies involvement. 

So, stay informed and join the fight against misinformation and fake news by subscribing. 

Click here to sign up. We will be releasing our first newsletter as an online article tomorrow morning on our website. We can also send you an embed code if you wish to add a subscriber box to any emails or web pages. 

Please email russell.skelton@rmit.edu.au or call 0428 100 400 for more information. 

Russell Skelton, Director 
RMIT ABC Fact Check 

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