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A much welcome update from Charles in the Library. Official comms will be coming out to students. I have promised that we not confuse things by posting to students at this stage. So this update is staff only!

Guiding Principles relating to the Library Return / Transition to campus

  • We will operate with the minimum possible number of staff on campus, determined by role. Staff who do return to campus will be required to complete online training on COVID-19 safe practices.
  • We will continue to offer flexible work arrangements for all staff with a preference for working from home.
  • Where individuals whose role doesn’t require them to be on campus request a return to campus, these requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the wellbeing of staff being considered as a priority.
  • We will continue to design services as “digital first” and will focus future face-to-face service offerings on adding real value to the learning, teaching or research experience.
  • We will continue to work collaboratively with other key stakeholders in the online learning, teaching and research environment.
  • Some limited physical spaces will be reopened including spaces in both the Swanston and Bundoora Libraries. These spaces will be set up and run by Property Services Group staff who have the overall responsibility for student spaces on our return to work.
  • New signage and customer traffic control processes will be used in all spaces to limit social contact. This will be managed by the Property Services Group.
  • Increase cleaning (including the cleaning of keyboards) will be established and monitored by the Property Services Group.
  • We will not re-open physical service points. Service will be maintained through online “Ask the Library” and digital consultations.
  • We will move all print collections into a Closed Stack to control the flow of material, with appropriate quarantine measures in place.
  • Print collections will be accessible through a “click and collect” process. Students request materials and Library staff collect and make available for students to pick up during restricted hours. We will initially offer this to Higher Degree students with a plan to roll out to all students once we assess how this works with HDRs.
  • The Library Makerspace will not re-open in the next phases due to the difficulties in managing social distancing in a confined space. This will be reassessed later in the semester.
  • While we initially will not be requiring returns of physical books we are planning to quarantine returned materials appropriately before reshelving occurs.

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