ISO ACTIVE – Presented by Yr 3 HPES students

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If the main form of physical activity you are getting in ISO is getting cups of tea, going to the biscuit barrel or to the front door to collect home shopping deliveries…..then have we got the activity tips for you!

Home schooling ideas for your children’s physical education or active breaks driving you crazy?
No problem, we have just what you need!

With schools out of action for teaching placements, Amanda Telford set the year 3 Bachelor of Health,  Physical Education and Sport students the task of developing a series of six ISO physical activities each that you can try at home either by yourself or with family and friends living with you.

Each video includes a simple, fun and engaging home-based physical activity with a description, equipment/items, technique and safety information as well as health benefits and modifications for different abilities or fitness levels.

We will share a range of these with you over the coming weeks, with activities ranging from sock bocce, fitness challenges, mini games to meditation, there is something for everyone.

You will notice students have assumed a character and show name to remain anonymous. We hope you enjoy ISO ACTIVE! We would love you to share some photos or videos of you trying out some of the activities.

Thanks to Amanda Telford and the Yr 3 HPES students.

Activity 1 – Wall Juggling

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