Ipsative assessment

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At a time when many staff are busy marking it is timely to reflect on our feedback processes.

We all know about formative and summative assessment, but have you heard of ipsative assessment? You may already be doing it! Ipsative assessment compares a student’s current performance with their previous performance. Ipsative feedback focuses on individual progress and helps students build pride in their work and take a longer term view of their learning. Research also suggests that staff find ipsative marking more enjoyable.

How to give ipsative feedback:

  • Establish a way of accessing a student’s previous work while assessing current work.
  • Invite students to identify areas for development from the previous assessment and reflect on how they have improved. Research – such as David Nicol’s Reap project – shows that involving students in assessment and feedback helps them understand expectations.
  • Make a judgment of the distance the learner has travelled and suggest future actions.

Want to know more? You might be interested in Gwenyth Hughes article in The Guardian.  If you use ipsative feedback it would be great to hear about what you do.

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