Introducing school children to HPES

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Last week, over three days, Toni and our HPE students did a great job leading the I Belong program.

Building on RMIT’s Schools Network Access Program (SNAP) partnerships, I Belong gives selected SNAP secondary students the opportunity to discover what life as a university student is all about.

I Belong programs are funded by the Australian Government and RMIT, and are designed to increase students’ understanding of, and aspiration for, tertiary education — whether at RMIT or elsewhere.

I Belong programs enable students to explore a university campus, learn about different career and study options, and develop skills to help them transition to tertiary study.

The school kids took part in Ultimate Frisbee and other challenges as well as lab-based activities such as reaction board, vertec and agility tests.

In the voices of the secondary school students and staff:

Mount Ridley College

A fun and inspiring opportunity
Mount Ridley College

It was an amazing experience
Mount Ridley College

Wonderful, fun, enthusiastic
Dandenong High

This experience was fun and it extended my knowledge of studying PE at university
Braybrook College

The program was perfect for our students. They really enjoyed the opportunity to get a feel for uni life and experience a program run by uni students
Braybrook Staff

Fantastic, love how the students interacted with us kids/teenagers
Wanganui SC

It was a great experience being able to come to RMIT University. It really helped me know what I want to do in the future
Wanganui SC

Reports from Equity and Diversity were glowing. A great success Toni!

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