Info Lit Microcred

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The Library now has a second microcredential – Information Literacy on the RMIT Creds page. If the content sounds useful in your program you might want to consider embedding it in a course.
This cred operates in a similar fashion to the Academic Integrity module, where students register at any time and receive their digital certificate if they achieve the mandatory 80% pass. This credential is built on the iSearch framework and takes students through the following modules:
  • Sourcing reliable information
  • Evaluating information sources
  • Reference and organise your sources
The badge will demonstrate to future employers that the student is able to:
  • Articulate information needs
  • Search for data, information and content in digital environments
  • Create and update personal search strategies
  • Analyse, compare and critically evaluate the credibility and reliability of sources of data, information and digital content
  • Analyse, interpret and critically evaluate the data, information and digital content.
  • Organise, store and retrieve data, information and content in digital environments
  • Organise and process data, information and content in a structured environment.

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