Indigenising the Curriculum

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The Bundyi Girri (shared futures) initiative at RMIT University has emerged from the University Strategic Plan to 2020; University Operating Plan 2017 and University’s Reconciliation Action Plan. It looks not only at the role of Indigenous knowledges for students but also at staff knowing themselves. This is a conversation about moving forward.

Please join us for the next in the 2018 L&T Symposia series to discuss Indigenising the Curriculum. Provocation for this event will be provided by an RMIT University panel led by Prof Mark MacMillan, Deputy PVC Indigenous Education and Engagement, in addition to staff representatives of the university.

When: Thurday 14 June 2018, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: Building 16 (Storey Hall), Auditorium (Level 5)
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