Implementation review of LANTITE

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Last year the Department of Education, Skills and Employment commissioned dandolo partners to review LANTITE.

The review mapped the implementation of the test to date and made recommendations to the Australian Government on the test’s possible future directions and ongoing implementation.

The Department has now commissioned dandolo to undertake consultation on three recommendations from the review namely:

  1. Making the test standard an entry requirement for ITE
  2. Making the test standard a requirement for provisional registration and Permission to Teach
  3. Releasing annual test performance data for each Higher Education Provider

These recommendations are detailed in this pdf.

At this stage we are invited to provide feedback by August 12.

There are some important implications should these recommendations be endorsed. We would like to hear your thoughts. Kath will canvas opinion at her upcoming session on LANTITE. Please also feel free to share your thoughts by clicking on the link in the title of this post and leave a reply.

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