How should we stay connected?

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As more SoEd staff are taking up the option to work remotely we need to think about how to best keep in touch with each other. As a people person, I’m already experiencing withdrawal symptoms not seeing you all! I’m keen to find effective ways we can stay connected.

There’s a proliferation of advice out there about to help teams work remotely during the pandemic, but I’m interested to explore approaches that will work best for us.

I know a number of teams across the school have already started to plan for this e..g, Urban School staff will continue their weekly PL sessions online and Em is setting up regular online sessions with our HDR students. The Online T&L Team Rucelle established this week has already attracted lots of action (from across the university!) and great sharing. I particularly liked the image Aleks posted on Wednesday!

Let us know what you’re planning and what you think would work best.

If you click Read in Browser below you should be able to leave a reply for everyone to see. I’m keen to hear what you think.

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  1. This is a great chat to get started, Andrea!
    I have been thinking a lot about the implications of the language of ‘social’ distancing …

    There has been a lot of discussion about staying connected, socially and emotionally, being even more important during this time.
    So some have started to shift the language to use ‘physical’ distancing, rather than ‘social’ distancing.
    In times of duress, social connectivity is more important than ever.
    It is essential that we are physically apart right now, but we need to connect as human beings.
    The withdrawal symptoms you talk about are very real, Andrea!

    The irony is that for me, as a researcher studying how we humans need to develop cognisance of our humanness in a world of technology, right now, technology is going to enable us to connect as humans.

    Ways that we can connect as humans:
    – yes, Teams is a great way!
    – phone calls, so we can hear each other’s voices and get the nuanced communication that actual conversation provides.
    – video conf sessions, so that we can see each other: see each other’s faces, see laughter and smiling, get energy from each other
    – replace walking meetings in person with walking meetings on the ph > get a ph chat going and then go for a walk whilst you talk on the ph, as if you were going for a walk with that person
    – use social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to keep our professional dialogue going.
    – share memes to make us laugh and uplifting pics to nourish our souls
    – keep thinking and creating and sharing – we haven’t stopped being, we have just changed how we are being

    As much as we are all thinking about the wellbeing needs of our students right now, and setting in place ways for them to stay connected and having a sense of belonging whilst learning remotely, we also need to make sure that we are doing the same.

    Let’s keep socially connected whilst being vigilant in being physically distant.

    Thank you for the stimulus here, Andrea

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