How are you traveling? RMIT Together and the School of Education

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Hello everyone,

Sheltering at home during the pandemic is difficult for everyone. The situation has interrupted our lives and work in an unprecedented manner, reminding us all of the need to put mental and physical health first—for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and for our fellow RMIT students and staff. In response, the university has launched “RMIT Together” as a campaign to support the RMIT University community.

You can read more about RMIT Together here:

The Facebook page is located here:

You can also learn more at this link:

RMIT Together reminds us of the importance to keep connected, share stories, and spread kindness as we continue trying to work under extenuating circumstances. Please take a few minutes to join the Facebook page, scroll through the resources and watch Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean’s message to the university.

Perhaps more importantly, please take this as a reminder to check in with the people closest to you and ask how they are doing.

As always, please reach out to your colleagues and supervisor if you need assistance of any kind—some days it may just be encouragement, but on other days you or someone else may need something more substantive. The links above provide information about both ongoing and special forms of support offered by the university. Please take the time to look after yourself and reach out to others to see how they are traveling.

We are all in this together—let’s make sure we tell each other this important message and show that we care by reaching out often.

All the best,
Jeff Brooks (Acting Dean, School of Education)

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