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Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 12.19.18 am.pngJust published, this beautiful book co-edited by our own Leon de Bruin with Pamela Burnard (Cambridge) and Susan Davis (CQU).

In Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice: International Perspectives for the Future of Learning and Teaching, Leon de Bruin, Pamela Burnard and Susan Davis provide new thinking, ideas and practices concerned with philosophically, pedagogically and actively developing arts learning and teaching. Interrogating successes and challenges for creativity education locally/globally/glocally, and using illustrative cases and examples drawn from education, practice and research, they explore unique local practices, agendas, glocalised perspectives and ways arts learning develops diverse creativities in order to produce new approaches and creative ecologies through inter- and cross-disciplinary teaching practices interconnecting beyond arts domains. This book highlights innovative approaches and perspectives to activating and promoting diverse creativities as new forms of authorship and analytic approaches within arts practice and education, along with the production of adaptable, sustainable pedagogies that promote and produce diverse creativities differently. This book will help educators, artists, and researchers understand and fully utilise ways they can transform their thinking and practice and keep their learning and teaching on the move.

The book also contains a great chapter by Fiona King titled “Music, Mathematics and Creative Processes”.

In other good book news Elise Hunkin has had a book proposal accepted by Palgrave Pivot. The working title is Quality Clauses in Early Childhood Education – Exchanging the Global Perspective for Local Understanding. 

Also in the ECE team, Berenice Nyland and Josephine Ng have signed a contract with Springer for their co-edited book: Comparative perspectives on early childhood education reforms in Australia and China. 

And while we’re talking books, here’s a good article on the new book by the Michaels – Crowhurst and Emslie – that we launched recently at the PL Day, Working Creatively with Stories and Learning Experiences: Engaging with Queerly Identifying Tertiary Students.

Congratulations to all involved.

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  1. Thanks for this – just noting that you can all read ‘Working Creatively’ as a free ‘e’ book via the RMIT library – cheers Michael x 2

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