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You will have noticed Martin talk about ‘horizons’ in his most recent email to all staff. Just in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the three horizons:

Horizon 1: Today – is addressing the immediate challenges of COVID-19 and reflects everything we’ve been doing to adapt at pace. We’re ensuring our projects and core activities are fit for today’s operating environment, making some tough decision on costs, and keeping our community’s health and wellbeing at the centre of all our decision making.

Horizon 2: Reimagine – is developing our way forward with a focus on taking the best of what we’ve learned and ways we’ve changed from this experience to design a sustainable future, starting with our operating plan for 2021. While COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the world, we’ve innovated at scale and have an opportunity to rethink how we operate.

Horizon 3: Our 2025 strategy – is a critical piece of work that will involve wide consultation with all of you and will build on our current strategy, all that has changed over the last few weeks and the changes we may implement as part of Horizon 2. This work will be largely undertaken in 2021 and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

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