HE Program Managers

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I am pleased to announce the following PMs for a two-year term until the end of 2019:

  • Program Manager, Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) – Nicky Carr
  • Program Manager, Early Childhood Program suite – Julie Carmel
  • Program Manager, Bachelor of Applied Science (Health and Physical Education) – Jason Wong
  • Program Manager, Master of Teaching Practice (Primary Education) & (Secondary) – Alison Lugg
  • Program Manager, Grad Cert/Grad Dip in Careers Education & Development – Michael Hastings
  • Coordinator, Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) – TBC

I am delighted that Nicky, Julie, Jason and Michael will continue to lead in their respective areas. All are in the process of making change across the programs and I am pleased to have them in the lead.


Our new recruit Alison will pick up the role of PM for the MTPs. She will continue the momentum of positive change in the MTP programs. Tricia, who has done an excellent job as PM this year, will continue to work closely with the MTPs in 2018 and support Alison as she transitions into the school and her new role. The MTP programs are in the process of considerable transformation; 2018 will be an important year to implement some of these changes. Tricia will also play a key role in the development of our City High School.

Rohan has indicated his intention to step down from the role of B.Ed Coordinator at Brunswick. My thanks to Rohan for his excellent coordination of the program at Brunswick. The students speak very highly of Rohan’s commitment to them and I am most appreciative of the work he has done with our Brunswick students and staff this year.


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