HDR Coordination

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I am delighted to announce that Dr Emily Gray will take over as SoE HDR coordinator. Our HDR students are an important part of our school and the role of HDR coordinator has the opportunity to shape the role they play in the upcoming changes across the school. Emily brings a deep commitment, energy and innovative thinking to the role and will, I am sure, provide excellent leadership for our students and supervisors. Ably supported by Claudia Johnstone, the HDR area is set for continued and positive growth.

My thanks to Rachel Patrick for her commitment to the role over the last few years, including the focus she brought to the quality of our applicants, improvements in completions and the particularly strong relationships she forged with the School of Graduate Research.

My thanks also to Heather who kindy stepped in over the last few months. She did far more than just keep the seat warm and was great to work with. In particular I am grateful for the way Heather and Claudia established a productive partnership and kept the area ticking along so well.

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