Growth to Achievement? An interactive discussion of Gonski 2.0 and its implications for education in Australia

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The School of Education and the ‘1300 Club’ invite you to participate in an
open discussion about the recently released report, Growth to Achievement:
Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools and its
recommendations, in a 60 minute interactive session at the city campus on Monday, 23 July from 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

The Gonski Report (2.0) recently released by the Australian Government
was commissioned to “focus on the effective and efficient use of funding to
improve student outcomes and Australia’s national performance, as measured
by national and international assessments of student achievement”.

To address this, the report has tabled a range of recommendations which
have significant implications for learning, teaching and educational leadership
across early childhood through to adulthood. The recommendations (if
enacted) will result in change on a scale previously not seen in education, and
will have significant flow-on effects to the way universities operate.

In this session, we will discuss the implications of the report for young people
and specifically the University sector into the future.

You can register your attendance via Eventbrite:

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