Grant’s research in the media spotlight

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Great to see Grant’s research on predictors of senior secondary STEM participation profiled in an article in Sunday’s Age.

The article, titled Students with lower socio-economic status go to uni at a higher rate, reported on research that Grant and Mandi Berry published recently in the International Journal of Science Education, noting

one field where “more work is needed” to improve access is the sciences, according to RMIT researcher Dr Grant Cooper and Monash University Professor Amanda Berry, who found socio-economic status has the strongest impact on whether students pursue studies in the field.

“It is difficult to find examples of initiatives in a science or STEM education context regarding interventions for students from low SES backgrounds,” the researchers wrote in the International Journal of Science Education in January. They also noted that students form “self-concepts” based on their environments which can limit whether they develop science-related interests and social connections.

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