Grand Challenges for the Scholarship of L&T

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It’s not too late to contribute to the list of Grand Challenges of Teaching and Learning. These challenges represent the wicked problems of teaching and learning that exist across educational institutions and disciplines. Solving these challenges should provide benefits to learners around the world. This effort to identify the challenges is part of an initiative lead by the Advocacy and Outreach Committee for the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSoTL).

You can participate by completing a short survey. The entire survey will take approximately 5 minutes. It’ll ask you for your ideas of what should be identified as a grand challenge for teaching and learning as well as two demographic questions. This survey is entirely voluntary and there is no penalty for not completing all or any specific questions.

Click this link to take the survey 

By completing and submitting this survey, you are indicating your consent for participation in this project. The study is anonymous with no identifying information being collected. If you have any questions, please contact John Draeger at If you are unable to contact the researcher or have general questions about your rights as a participant, please contact Gina Game, IRB Administrator, Sponsored Programs Office/SUNY Buffalo State at

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