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Late last year Travis had a very good idea – a small card for staff outlining information on support services for students in crisis. Well Travis’s vision has been delivered!

The Student Mental Wellbeing team has designed a nifty yellow pocket resource card listing key contacts. While the card has emerged from the specific work the team has been doing with and to support VE staff, it is a great resource for all staff.

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Listed on the card is a new staff help line for urgent student support: 9925 1111. The Staff Line is available from 9am to 5pm (contact outside of business hours will be directed to existing after hours supports). Staff can also email:

Staff Line contacts are responded to by trained RMIT Support Service staff, who will:

  • assess the situation,
  • coordinate a response by RMIT Support Services (when necessary), and
  • provide practical support and advice to the RMIT staff member in managing the situation.

The Staff Line will be supported by an Action_Guide and a blended Professional Development Program (online learning, webinars and face-to-face workshops) to build staff confidence and capability in supporting students in distress.

The card will be circulated to all staff over the coming week. Please check your staff room and reception point for your own copy.




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