GAT goes smoothly

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On Wednesday all students across the state enrolled in VCE units 3 and 4 sat the GAT – the General Achievement Test.

The GAT is a three-hour test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science and technology and humanities, the arts and social sciences. Because it is a general test, no special study is required for the GAT. Although GAT results do not count directly towards a student’s VCE results, they play an important role in checking that school-based and external assessments have been accurately assessed, and in calculating Derived Examination Scores.

Our students sat the GAT in Melbourne (Storey Hall) and China (in the gym on campus, shown above). Nancy tells me all arrangements went smoothly thanks to Travis in Melbourne and Craige in Beijing who organise these sessions with great skill and expertise. Thanks also to Nancy, Damian, Wendy and all the dedicated staff who assisted with the logistics of the day.

While students can’t prepare for the GAT it can be a stressful event and I appreciate the care taken to ensure the session runs calmly and efficiently.


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