Funding success for Early Childhood

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In excellent news Jayne and Elise were successful in their bid for ECP funding to support the translation of their infant transition project. Congratulations to you both!

First Steps: Transitions to ECE in the first 1000 days

The International Project of Social and Emotional Early Transitions (ISEET) directed by Prof. Jayne White (RMIT) and Helen Marwick (Strathclyde University, Scotland) has generated a vast corpus of data over three years (ongoing) and five countries that awaits translation and practical application by end-users. This project will translate the data into key messages and points of consensus to create a toolkit of creative, user-friendly ‘research into practice’ resources that can be easily shared through platforms such as social media in order to drive positive changes in practice and policy in EC settings. The resources will be designed in consultation with and tested by industry partners including families, educators and EC managers to ensure that the resources meet need, and their impact includes enhancing the knowledge-base and capacity of key stakeholders to support positive, culturally sensitive and inclusive transition experiences for very young children in their most vulnerable first 1000 days.

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