Free online seminar – Augmented & virtual reality technologies in higher education: What is possible?

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10 April 2019 11am – 12pm – live streaming via Zoom

Mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality) technologies have the potential to engage students in new ways to visualise and experience learning. Dr James Birt, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University and a leading researcher in Australia into the design of immersive learning experiences. In this presentation, Dr Birt will describe his interest in working with this technology which originated from a passion with video gaming. Next, he will describe some example research projects that he has worked on and published. Dr Birt will also talk about the importance of a pedagogy first approach and consider when the technology is and isn’t appropriate for learning. Finally, in light of technological advances, he will discuss the future possibilities of mixed reality in relation to rich and immersive learning.

Dr James Birt is an Associate Professor of Information and Computer Sciences in the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University, where he runs the Mixed Reality Research Lab. His research spans computer science and visual arts, with an emphasis on applied design and development of interactive mixed reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, 3d printing, mobile) experiences assisting learning, skills acquisition and knowledge discovery. The distinctive contribution James brings to education scholarship is in digital media teaching and learning, where he received a 2014 Australian Office of Learning and Teaching citation for outstanding contributions to student learning. James utilises novel pedagogical approaches, curriculum and resources to balance the science and art predilections of his students, whilst supporting them with learning how to learn. His service to the university and wider community has formed around his experience in emerging technology, teaching and learning. Where he takes an active role in supporting learners and peers through mentorship, presentations and expert judging.

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