Free Online Event ‘SDGs, Lifelong Learning and Learning Cities’ – Thursday 3 September at 4pm.

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The European Union Centre of Excellence at RMIT University invites you to this special online event where colleagues from RMIT and PASCAL (Place And Social Capital And Learning) will start a conversation on how learning cities can make an integral contribution to the United Nations Global Agenda. 

This online event on 3 September is part of the ‘Global Virtual Learning Festival’ hosted by Wyndham and Melton City Councils (Melbourne, Australia) on 1-4 September 2020.
Guest Speakers 

Sir Alan Tuckett OBE
British Adult Education Specialist and Campaigner
Professor of Education at the University of Wolverhampton
Fmr Chief Executive (UK) National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
Fmr President International Council for Adult Education

Professor Bruce Wilson
European Union Centre of Excellence
RMIT University

Dr Maren Klein
European Union Centre of Excellence
RMIT University

Dr Leone Wheeler
Hon Chair Australian Learning Community Network (ALCN)
Independent Academic and Researcher
Associate Professor Robbie Guevara
School of Global, Urban and Social Studies
RMIT University

Thursday, 3 September 2020, 4 pm – 5 pm

(Australian Eastern Standard Time)



Registration  RSVP here
You are invited to register now and we will send you the event link closer to the date. 
One of the significant achievements of the United Nations’ agenda for global transformation, adopted in September 2015, was the recognition in Sustainable Development Goal 4 of the importance of promoting lifelong learning. Other goals, such as those to do with Health and with Cities, echoed the value of lifelong learning in the importance placed on all citizens having better understanding of these issues and of the implications to their own practices. Five years since the Goals were adopted, the challenge of gaining better support and commitment to lifelong learning seems to be just as great as ever.

Learning cities are one way of recognising and operationalising the power of lifelong learning and supporting not only the aims behind SDG 4, but the whole agenda for transformation.  How can learning cities make an integral contribution to the UN’s Global Agenda? 

European Union Centre of Excellence
Social and Global Studies Centre
RMIT University, Melbourne


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