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No, F60D is not a chemical to prevent rust. It is a new University project running in 2017 to address the first 60 days for our commencing students. This includes the first 30 days prior to the start of semester and the first 30 days once semester starts. This is a crucial period in which students make decisions about whether to continue in the program and core expectations are set by program staff.

The first 30 days
Considerable work has already gone into the redesign of offer letters for students and the communication they receive prior to enrolment and as well as ways to improve the enrolment experience.

The next 30 days
Key to this phase is Orientation and the first few weeks of semester, including early assessment tasks. I know many of our programs are planning strong transition programs for commencing students, so we have the chance to be University leaders here.

Darren Brown, the Manager of Student Transitions has put together a set of resources for staff to support the F60D project, available at https://sites.google.com/rmit.edu.au/f60d

Topics include:

  • orientation resources
  • academic transition
  • social transition
  • career development
  • student essentials
  • indigenous resources
  • help for students
  • help for staff
  • week by week

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