End of Year excursions

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The Year 11 mentor groups are now coming to a close as we enter the last week of formal schooling for units 1 and 2 students in the Urban School.

Apart from rock climbing and mini golf, a group of Year 11 EAL students also recently enjoyed taking a tram to the Nova Cinema in Carlton to see the film, ‘Parasite’.

One of the EAL students later wrote:

“I think doing this kind of activity helps students socialise and break the ice. I find it hard to start a conversation with others or connect with classmates, but having a specific topic to talk about, in this case ‘watching a movie’ made us have a common interest. The classfellows that I didn’t know the names of – we started talking and made friends of each other.”

The formal farewell to Units 3 and 4 students will be held next week at a student luncheon. Students, parents and carers have been invited for lunch on 22 October at 12.30pm, so staff are welcome to share some time with the students at this event. We have invited some recent alumni and some current students to give us their insights as to the road just travelled and the road ahead!

Thanks to Travis and the SSCC the event will be followed by drinks at the Oxford Scholar that evening from 5 pm onwards.

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