Education student in winning team at Hack-a-thon

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You may recall that earlier this month I advertised an ITS Student Hack-a-thon. The students were invited to a 24-hour session to create better learning experiences.

Thembi, Tricia and I called in yesterday during Open Day to hear the student presentations. It was wonderful to hear so many good ideas to help students learn better and connect with each other and their teachers. Although sleep-deprived, the teams made some really good pitches and shared some impressive prototypes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 5.03.20 pm.pngIt was particularly great to see James Dale, one of our VCE students, not only pitch an idea (to increase accessibility of coding for all students) with a team he met only a few days before, but also win first prize! That’s James on the right with their sizeable cheque. What a great outcome. Congratulations James and thanks to Nancy for letting James know about the event.

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