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You may have seen yesterday’s front page story in The Australian on the new Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA).

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As noted in the article, the TPA will

“… assess entry-level teachers’ overall capacity to plan, teach, assess and reflect on their practice, as well as providing them the opportunity to demonstrate their impact on student learning,’’ Professor Wyatt-Smith said.

They will also need to show they can manage their classrooms. “It’s actually bringing the theory and the practice together into a critical assessment. It requires a minimum of four weeks’ sustained placement in schools,’’ she said. “It has to be — and the key word here is — authentic so it has to actually capture the practice of the pre-service teacher in the school setting.

“This is about evidence informed teaching practice for the 21st century. This is a new step up for the profession.’’

There are currently two consortia developing TPA models for Australian ITE programs. We are not partners in these consortia and, like several other Education Schools, have proposed our own approach. We are expecting feedback on our TPA proposal later this month. Kathy has been working closely with the HE PMs on this.

Also released yesterday was a report from NCVER on VE Program Completion Rates 2011-2015. Victoria generally is projected to see a 7% uplift in VE program completions. The national estimated completion rate for programs at Cert I and above was 49.4%, up from 44.7% for programs commenced in 2014. By level, programs at Diploma and above (56.8%), Cert III (55.1%), and Cert IV (52.3%) had the highest national estimated completion rates.

The table below shows a projected decline for completions in the field of Education across the sector. I look forward to discussions with Victoria and our VE PMs to unpack this data in light of our own completion rates.

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