Education in Games Summit 2017

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The Education in Games Summit, will inform teachers about new technologies supporting the delivery of the digital curriculum and showcase some of the more progressive schools in this space.

Keynote speaker Eric Jordan kicks off the day demonstrating how profoundly applicable game development skills are right across the modern jobs market. He’ll be followed by a program of practical sessions and talks, including:

  • Analysing and discussing game narrative and design in classrooms / Brooke Maggs
  • Assessing maths through gameplay / Denise Jacobsson
  • Teach game development without coding / John Sietsma
  • Creating Adventures with Roblox Studio / Matthew Jorgensen
  • Get started with code / Apple Education
  • Minecraft: education edition / Dan Bowen, Microsoft Education
  • Training teachers to teach games through #MissMakesCode / Helen Sultana, Geek Girl Academy
  • Improve resilience and empathy with LEDA / Ashley Leach
  • CSER digital technologies project / Toni Falusi
  • History in virtual reality and 3D design / Brett Leavy
  • Swift Playgrounds / Apple Education
  • Code Breakers–breaking job stereotypes / Vincent Trundle
  • Games supporting special needs / K. Clark Burt
  • App talks / David Azouz & Robert Mathie Barry
  • Unity workshop: From planning to publish / Dan Milward, Gamefroot
  • Science and coding in the STEM Video Game Challenge / Grant Pusey
  • Art, coding and careers / Daniel Garcia, NGV
  • Game based learning / Lynnette Telfer
  • Gamify your environment / Olivia Guntarik, RMIT

The summit is $150 per participant
Early birds: the first 50 tickets sold also receive a day pass to PAX on Saturday 28 October 

#EiGS17 is created by ACMI, Creative Victoria and the Department of Education and Training, as part of Melbourne International Games Week alongside a range of activities highlighting and advancing Melbourne’s vibrant video games culture and its internationally renowned games development industry.

When: October 27
Where: ACMI

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