Do you prescribe your own texts?

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Staff in the SoEd produce a wide range of great books every year. Some of these are core materials in the courses we teach, giving students access to the latest thinking and research in our field. If you prescribe texts in your courses that you have authored yourself please read the new requirements below.

A new Conflict of Interest policy and related procedure came into effect on 1 March 2019. These policy documents provide guidance to staff in identifying, managing and mitigating conflicts of interest.

A key improvement within the Conflict of Interest policy is greater guidance on the assignment of self-authored learning resources within course materials where a staff member derives a financial benefit.

There is a new process for academic staff to obtain approval to assign self-authored learning resource in such circumstances. This involves endorsement from HELM, the College DPVC L&T, and approval from the DVC Education. A conflict of interest declaration is also completed and provided to HR.

Guidance materials on the use of self-authored learning resourced are available on the RMIT policy page.

For further advice or information please contact and/or speak to your PM and Associate Dean.

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