Divine 9 and Fabulous 15

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Throughout 2018 the DSC Divine 9 programs (listed below) worked to create positive change for students across the Focus Areas of Belonging and Every Graduate Ready.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.41.32 am.pngThe programs delivered more than 80 innovations and events, including the implementation of 18 micro credentials, events for recent graduates and current students, VR and AR experiments, curriculum and assessment redesign and program retreats. The work was led by Program Managers and supported by program teams, Associate Deans Discipline, Belonging Leads, SALTs, the Digital Learning Team and our Innovation Leads, Rachel, Steph and Yannick, as well as others across the University.

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The D9 programs will continue this work into 2019 as part of the Student Area of Focus. Joining them will be the new group of programs – the Fab 15.

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The Fab 15 programs will focus their attention on strengthening five of the Program Design Principles:

  • The student experience is transformative
  • Programs are coherent experiences
  • Assessments are authentic and driven by learning objectives
  • Technology tools enable best-in-class blended learning experiences
  • Industry relevance and contemporary practice are central

For more information, see the Student Area of Focus Information Pack and/or talk to your Associate Dean. You can also email the Student Area of Focus information hotline: studentAoF2019@rmit.edu.au.


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