Discrimination against LGBTIQ+ teachers

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With discrimination against LGBTIQ+ students in our schools a hot topic at present, Emily’s article published yesterday in the Conversation on anti-discrimination laws and teachers makes a timely contribution and compelling argument.

In her article Emily draws on a range of research she has conducted, including a study with co-authors Anne Harris and Tiffany Jones (Macquarie), published in Sexuality, Society and Learning in 2014.

With research impact very much front of mind at present, The Conversation represents an important opportunity to disseminate research findings to a broad audience. Less than 24 hours since its publication Em’s article has had strong take up in social media.

Congratulations Em on this publication.

4 Comments on “Discrimination against LGBTIQ+ teachers”

  1. Thanks Alison and Michael – and Micheal yes – big implications for our students on placements and also the content we deliver in our courses.

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