Culture and Technology – The New Power Couple

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Lord David Puttnam is a global name in filmmaking and television. He has been awarded Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes and a Palme D’Or, is an Ambassador for RMIT’s Capitol Theatre Appeal and was recently named an Adjunct Professor.

Over the course of two ‘Guest Lectures’ Lord Puttnam will explore the profound changes occurring in what is now a very broadly based ‘Content Industry’.

Several factors lie at the heart of these changes, among them globalization and corporate consolidation in what has become a much fought over multi-billion-dollar marketplace.

In the first of these Lectures David Puttnam will address the issues of New Markets and New Technologies.

In the second he will focus on New Audience preferences, and the development of New Talent to satisfy them.

Who, few years ago, would have thought Indian movies might feature in the top ten of China’s box office?

Who would have guessed that we’d be suffering from a Global Talent Shortage, in what should be the most desirable of career choices?

Who would have imagined that a technology company like Amazon would spend a billion dollars on a small-screen adaptation of Lord of the Rings?

Who, in their wildest dreams could have conceived that 80% of the Chinese marketplace (now the world’s largest) will soon be receiving the latest movie releases, day and date, on their mobile devices?

All of this and more will be explored in these two upcoming Lectures.

The first lecture is: Monday July 22018 (with a welcome by Professor Paul Gough, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President). Register here.

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