Creative ecologies in the time of COVID-19

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Anne Harris is giving a keynote at the UNESCO gathering on creativity which has gone online (of course), in Finland this month. The conference is organized by the Creative Council of Education in Finland in collaboration with the UNESCO Chairs and Professorships at the University of Jyväskylä. Please check: 

Demonstrating her usual agility Anne has adapted her keynote to the times, with the title “Creative ecologies in the time of COVID-19”. 

Abstract: Like Chen’s Asia as Method (2010), creativity studies scholars can continue to challenge binaries like creative/analytic, ‘Asia’/’West’, closed/open, quant/qual, even (or especially) in the pandemic of COVID-19. My Creative Ecologies model, like Chen’s approach to onto-epistemology, celebrates the inter-connectedness of the histories, sociologies, and politics of unique global cultures, while at the same time recognising our mutual need for creative-relational networked collaboration in order to move forward together.  

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