Creative Approaches to Global Learning: IEAA Internationalisation of the Curriculum Forum

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When: July 20
Where: Pearson Education, Australia, Melbourne
Cost: $285 IEAA members, $405 non-IEAA members

Research indicates that students experience internationalisation of the curriculum in diverse, often unintended ways: some students expect more from opportunities for global learning while others disengage from them. At the same time, many teachers feel under-informed and under-confident when it comes to teaching an internationalised curriculum.

This year’s IEAA IoC Forum will bring together teachers, academics, professional and managerial staff to explore the challenges of, and develop creative approaches to, global learning in schools, VET colleges and universities.

Together we will address questions such as:

  • What are the political, institutional and cultural factors that enable and constrain us from engaging authentically and creatively together in the process of global learning?
  • How might students and staff in our educational institutions imagine and co-design an international curriculum to more effectively contribute to its enactment?

Check out the final program and register here.

Thanks to Chris Ziguras for sending this through.

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