COVID-19 sem 2 arrangements

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The policy adjustments approved by Academic Board related to COVID-19 and two temporary changes to the management of results will continue until the end of December 2020. Any further adjustments during the semester will be considered by the Centre for Academic Quality and Enhancement (CAQE).

With the exception of Research, these temporary changes apply to all student cohorts, HE (including Associate Degrees), Vocational Education, Foundation Studies, RMIT Online, OUA, RMIT Vietnam and all offshore partners.

Updated documents below provide: 

  • guidelines for 21 day extensions, 
  • an overview of the two changes to the management of results, and 
  • guidance material for Course Assessment Committees (CAC) and Program Assessment Boards (PAB), as well as Academic Progress.

The COVID-19 assessment flexibility approach will also remain in place for the duration of Semester 2, 2020. 

The COVID-19 Alternative Assessment Register used to record changes to assessment during Semester 1 is not expected to be required for Higher Education as Semester 2 courses have been designed for on-line delivery, and all required changes will be reflected in the updated published course guides for Semester 2. Further changes to the conduct of assessment for HE courses delivered in Semester 2 would need to be recorded in the Register with oversight from the Centre for Academic Quality and Enhancement.

The COVID-19 Vocational Education Alternative Assessment Register will continue for VE courses delivered in Semester 2 to facilitate compliance for changes made to rectified assessments, with oversight by the Office of Vocational Education.

A report on assessment adjustments for semester 1 will also be provided to the Academic Board for consideration in due course.

Although updated course guides will be published prior to the commencement of Semester 2, the following statement should be included in semester two course guides to support any further unexpected changes during the semester.

Course guides for Semester 2, 2020 were finalised and published before the semester started with all the teaching, learning and assessment information current at that time. Please note that some course guides may have small differences between Part A and Part B because of necessary changes (related to COVID-19) made to Part B during the semester.

Staff in the Office of the Academic Registrar remain available on 58608 – for any questions, or clarifications.

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