Course Guide publication date for sem 2

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For many years our College has aimed to have Course Guides published one week before the start of semester. This semester, with my DPVC hat on, I propose we bring that date forward an extra week.

Why? This coming semester Rewire has requested Canvas courses two weeks before the start of semester so they can ensure there is sufficient time for the QA process. As much of the detail in Canvas courses relies on the Part B Course Guide I propose that we align the two deadlines for semester 2 and aim to have both Canvas and Course Guides completed two weeks before the start of semester for our VCE, VE and HE programs.

I appreciate the pressure as we continue to get courses into Canvas. I know you are being asked to do this planning earlier than usual and am most grateful for the work already underway. I know several program teams have already almost completed their Canvas preparations and all programs have plans in place that mean we will be ready well in advance.

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