Cooperative Research Centre success

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See below some good news for RMIT from the VC’s report to Academic Board this month:

RMIT will join three of the four new Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) announced by the Federal Government in the latest CRC round. This is the most successful round for RMIT since commencing bidding in 2011, with 100% of the Stage 2 bids involving RMIT receiving funding. RMIT will lead key research programs in the $133m Fight Food Waste CRC and the $90m Future Fuels CRC and contribute to a range of projects in the $200m-plus Digital Health CRC.

Fight Food Waste CRC ($133m)

This 10-year centre will target food waste. Headquartered at the University of Adelaide, the Food Waste CRC will have nodes at RMIT, the University of Queensland, and Central Queensland University. Congratulations to Associate Professor Karli Verghese from the School of Design who will lead the CRC’s REDUCE program, and other RMIT researchers involved including Professor Harshan Gill (School of Science ), Professor Linda Brennan (School of Media and Communication ) and Simon Lockrey (School of Design).

Future Fuels CRC ($90m)

Aimed at transitioning Australia’s energy infrastructure to a low-carbon economy, the CRC will develop solutions for current infrastructure and equipment to use new fuels like hydrogen and biogas today and well into the future. Congratulations to Professor Jan Hayes, from the School of Property, Construction and Project Management , who will lead the seven-year centre’s Community Engagement, Public Safety and Security of Supply program; as well as other researchers involved including Professor Sarah Pink (School of Media and Communication) and Professor Helen Lingard (School of Property, Construction and Project Management).

Digital Health CRC ($200m+)

Designed to develop and test digital health solutions to improve outcomes for hospital and health service patients, while equipping Australians to better manage their own health and wellness. RMIT will contribute to each of the centre’s research program areas in the fields of public health promotion, policy, governance and law, digital ethnography, network-centric analytics and service design integration, road safety, transport and accident research and informatics. Congratulations to the cross-disciplinary group of researchers engaged to date which include Associate Professor Lawrence Cavedon, Associate Professor Jenny Zhang and Dr Flora Salim (School of Science), Associate Professor Sharath Sriram and Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran (School of Engineering ), Professor Florian Mueller (School of Design), Associate Professor Richard Tay (School of Business, IT and Logistics ), Professor Tania Lewis and Professor Linda Brennan (School of Media and Communication), and Associate Professor Penelope Weller (Graduate School of Business and Law).

These CRCs will support our cross-disciplinary, industry-engaged research and are testament to our ability to work with industry and government to find solutions to some of our biggest challenges. The CRCs will run for seven to ten years each and all Colleges are represented in them.

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