Confused about what the pandemic means for your candidature?

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Use the flow chart below to look at your options. See below for FAQs.

COVID & Candidature FAQs
What do you mean by “impacted”?
We are using this term in a very broad way. It includes factors such as the closing of the laboratories and studios, the lack of access to study spaces on campus, the inability to carry out field work or certain types of data collection. It also relates to your personal circumstances. If your ability to work on your research project is impacted by carer responsibilities for school-aged children, this is also considered to be a COVID-19 impact. Everyone’s circumstances are different. We can’t list all impacts here but we recognise that many candidates’ circumstances have changed.
What does working at the same rate mean?
Under RMIT policy, we assume that a full-time candidate will devote at least 4 days a week to work on their research. If you are unable to devote this much time to your research (if you are a full-time candidate), we would say you are unable to work at the same rate as usual. The time commitment for part-time candidates is at least 2 days a week.
What is a COVID CASP and how does it work?
The COVID CASP is a light touch version of a Candidature Action Support Plan. We are currently recommending these are drawn up for 3 months. If the University is still closed in 3 months’ time, we will contact you and your supervisory team about extending the CASP. The COVID CASP is important because it is a formal record of the impact of the pandemic on your candidature. It also records what changes are made to your project and timelines. This will be helpful in the future if you need to apply for an extension. It also provides scaffolding for conversations with your supervisory team about how your project may need to change if travel restrictions, for example, remain in place for an extended period.
Where do I find the COVID CASP?
The COVID CASP form can be accessed here.
I’m an international student. Can I go part-time?
International students can move to part-time where they can demonstrate compassionate or compelling grounds. Any COVID-19 change of load is considered by the University to meet the threshold of compelling and compassionate grounds.
I’m an international student. Who can you advise me about changes of load and LoA and how they affect my visa?
The extension of your stay in Australia which results from the change of load or leave of absence may require a visa extension and issuance of a new eCoE. For more information visit or contact Home Affairs. 
If I change my load or take leave, how will it affect my scholarship?
RMIT is continuing to pay stipends for candidates who are forced to take COVID LoA or move to part-time because of the pandemic.
I need to take Leave of Absence. Do I need to complete a COVID CASP?
No, you do not need to complete a COVID CASP to take Leave of Absence.
Where do I find the Leave of Absence form?
The latest LoA form is available here.

For further information please contact the Research Training Services Team via the RMIT Connect Portal.

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