Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

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As you would be aware RMIT had to cancel all global exchange programs for semester 2 due to COVID  The Global Experience team, however, are currently working to provide students and academics alternative opportunities to enjoy global experiences through virtual programs.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and virtual Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs have been trialled across RMIT over the past year, and with our strong university and industry partnerships worldwide, the team are excited to further develop these virtual programs at RMIT Melbourne.

COIL aims to get academics at RMIT and partner universities to collaborate in developing shared projects for students to work on as part of their RMIT program, allowing them to experience working with others from a variety of international backgrounds, while remaining in Melbourne. This can include working with class groups across all RMIT locations. RMIT is also involved with RIIPEN, a Canadian based platform where companies create in-class and out of curriculum projects, that offer students real industry challenges, as well as project-based virtual internships. The expansion of global collaboration will ensure that RMIT continues to innovate in the virtual space and prepare students to be ready for a global workplace.

To express your interest in virtual opportunities please complete this quick survey, which you are welcome to share with any colleagues who might like to know more.  Global Experiences will organise to meet and discuss potential ideas and identify any partners who may be a good fit for you and your students to collaborate with. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can visit the Global Experiences Online page. 

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