Changes to RMIT’s research services

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Consultation is currently open on a proposed operating model for RMIT’s research services. The changes aim to:

  • drive enhanced, connected services across the University to support researchers and graduate researchers, enabling a better service experience
  • further align the Research and Innovation operating model to drive the Ready for Life and Work strategy
  • enable us to grow enriched research capability across RMIT, as well as enhanced industry, government and social enterprise partnerships
  • create greater career pathways and communities of practice for our professional staff

The key drivers of the proposed changes are the significant growth in scale of RMIT’s research and innovation work; changes in the Australian research environment; and our research community has told us we can do better.

The proposal introduces a ’Hub and Spoke’ support model with a number of new roles, providing the structural foundation for the transformation of research and innovation services. Extensive engagement was undertaken across the University to design the proposed structure, and consultation is now underway until late April.

The timing of the implementation is subject to the outcomes of the consultation. Our colleagues involved in research services are engaged in the consultation and being supported through this time.

More detail is available on the Transforming Research Services WorkLife page.

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