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As you know there are currently five change proposals out for consultation. Martin Bean’s email on September 3 outlined the proposals. Last week SLG met to review all five proposals and consider their impact. Below are some responses from SLG.

Finance Shared Services: The Financial Services restructure proposes a reduction of 25 roles and separates the service into two main areas: 1. Finance Operations (processing financial transactions) 2. Strategic Finance (modelling and business support for colleges and portfolios). The proposal includes the removal of all financial service positions from Schools and replaces these with three roles at College level. As a School we should be concerned about the level of support we will be able to call on once this new structure is in place. There is a high level of dependency on the new Workday system to provide self-service reports to managers.

Global Portfolio: What is proposed here is a  flatter structure with an emphasis on faster decision making and reducing duplication.  Changes here will have most impact for our Chinese partner programs in the Urban School and ECE.

Education Portfolio (Library): The proposal is for library services to undergo significant changes this year. These involve a move toward mainly digital access to materials and a reduction of access to print materials. Plus a reorganisation of the library structure to create 4 operational areas: Teaching and Research; Learning Team; Collections; and Operations. This will result in at least 27 job loses and a number of jobs being restructured, with current staff having to reapply for newly created positions. In addition there is a recommendation to remove the ‘Maker Space’, which will be a sad loss as this was a popular resource for both staff and students.

Research and Innovation (R&I):  The R&I Change Process is unlikely to directly impact the SoEd. It involves five areas of the university R&I portfolio and as yet no changes at the DSC-level, where we experienced a restructure recently. The most significant impact is to the Enabling Capabilities Platforms, which means that they will have less funding in the short term. Limiting academic staff access to internal funding to seed projects.

Education Portfolio (Students Group): This proposal is positioned as simplifying structure and function of this group, with a net reduction of 51 staff. Along with a number of changes to roles, this proposal will see the group structured around five key areas: Student Equity, Student Services, Global Experiences, Student Transitions and Student Life. In addition it is proposed to move Equitable Learning Services (ELS) to the Library and the Childcare Centre to Property. Both groups have been in touch with us indicating their do not support the proposed moves.  

For more information on each proposed change, see the dedicated consultation page on WorkLife. The consultation process is open until 18th September and all staff are invited to provide feedback. 

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