CES to be extended one week

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CES response rates at the close of last week show SoE VE streaking ahead of the University with an unprecedented 63%! It’s an impressive result and I’m keen to hear from VE staff how you have achieved this.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 7.09.29 am.png

Elsewhere across the University and in SoE HE and VCE courses response rates are more modest and Survey Services has agreed to leave the survey open for an additional week. Additional communications will be sent to students to advise them of the extension and encourage them to complete the survey.

I know Nancy will be working with VCE staff and Thembi is working with our HE PMs to see if we can lift responses in this final week.

Response rates for our courses are available here. CES Response Rates 25.05.2018

And in very welcome news I hear there are changes to our student surveys in the wind. Stay tuned!

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